MYNT Smart Item Finder, tracker, phone finder, key finder, Wallet Locator, & Remote Control

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MYNT Smart Item Finder, Phone Finder, Key Finder, Wallet Locator, Remote Control, GPS Finder, Item Tracker, Key Locator, Pet Locator, Bike Finder, That Fits Onto Your Keychain.

Whats included

  • 1 MYNT Smart Item Finder
  • 2 CR2020 Batterys (1 required for use and 1 backup)
  • 2 double sided adhesive pads for easy attachment to your wallet and items
  • 3" high strength lanyard and keychain for easy attachment to your keys, pet, or item
  • Quick start guide
  • Download the MYNT app from the Apple Store or Google Play

Find Your Keys and Wallets Instantly

Search the location of the item attached with MYNT and know exactly where they are. Then ring them up with the click of a button. The MYNT tracker will play a melody loudly when the item finder is in range the of your smartphone. Use the app to locate the item. Zero upkeep is needed for this durable and reliable finder to work 24/7. The steel plated body is durable and splash proof. The battery can be replaced by the user easily.

Keep Track of Your Valuables - All at Once!

Attach the MYNT item finder to your keys, wallets, bags, cars, bicycles, pet collars, or anything else you would like to keep track of. The MYNT app maintains a record of the locations, updating them when they are in range. MYNT is great for attaching to your luggage as an identification tag, to your bicycle's seat as a tracking tag, or to other things you want to identify quickly. The flat surface makes it easy to be attached through adhesives.  MYNT can connectmultiple trackers to your phone so you can keep track of all your valuable items at once. 

Lost your phone? No problem for MYNT Phone Finder

The button on the MYNT can ring your smartphone if you misplace it. Easy right?

Small and Thin

MYNT is small in size. MYNT could easily fit in with keys, or be placed in a purse or wallet. The thinness is close to two credit cards stacked together. It's easy to notice MYNT item finder when you know where it is, and hard for others. The mirror shell is made of steel plate, providing strong structure, and coated with a beautiful reflective surface.

Smart Notification and Global Community

The MYNT locator app has a smart separation feature, which allows you to receive a push notice on the smartphone when the MYNT is misplaced outside of home or office. The MYNT will beep for a while if the smartphone has been misplaced instead. Get help from family, friends, and the community. If your item cannot be found, you could call for help, and the entire community will be on the look for your lost item. The MYNT app will notify you the most recent location.

Bluetooth Remote Control

MYNT can be used as a Bluetooth remote control for smartphones, tablets, and computers. MYNT works as a camera remote for taking great selfies, a music player remote for quickly picking the right song, and a presentation clicker.

Choose Your Color

The MYNT Tracker is available in Black, Silver, Gold and Blue

MYNT is Available for Both Apple and Android Operating systems

The MYNT item finder application is easy to install from both the trusted app stores.

Quick and Easy Set Up

MYNT phone finder set up is easy. It only takes a few minutes to install the app and connect MYNT to your phone.

1-year warranty 

Know you are covered with the MYNT Tracker because it comes with a great 1-year warranty against defects. 

  • MYNT Smart Item Finder, Phone Finder, Key Finder, Wallet Locator, Remote Control, GPS Finder, Item Tracker, Key Locator, Pet Locator, Bike Finder, That Fits Onto Your Keychain.
  • Thing finder, keep track of items through the MYNT app, find any lost item.
  • Award winning - Won Red Dot Best Design Award 2016 and IF Design Award 2017.
  • A bluetooth remote control for smartphones, tablets, and computers, works as a camera remote, a music player remote, and a presentation clicker.
  • Beautiful appearance, crafted with the care of an artisan, encased by steel that provides extra integrity and durability, user replaceable CR battery.