Grush Smart Kids Electric Toothbrush With Interactive Brushing Games and Precise Tracking and Monitoring for Parents Makes Brushing Fun - Works with Android and Apple

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Whats included

  • 1 Grush Kids Electric Toothbrush
  • 3 replacement brush heads
  • AAA battery
  • Download the Grush game from the Apple Store or Google Play

Brush with the Grush smart toothbrush! Grush is the world's first and only smart toothbrush that transforms the brushing chore into fun and interactive games for kids and guides their brushing. Parents can track and reward proper brushing habits and achieve peace of mind. Grush is an advanced motion sensing kids toothbrush with patented "Tooth-to-Tooth" navigation technology. Kids use the Grush electric toothbrush to play interactive mobile games while they brush. Not only will your kids LOVE to brush, you will be able to keep track of their brushing scores and reward them for doing a good job! Grush kids electric toothbrush is developed by a team of parents and Dentists who created Grush to motivate brushing in their own families, and Grush is now available for families all around the world.  

About the Grush Smart Kids Toothbrush

Gush is the smart toothbrush platform that transforms the brushing process into fun and interactive games on your smartphone or tablet. Using patented motion sensing technology and algorithms, Grush kids electronic toothbrush detects detailed brushing movement information including position, angle and force. Gush games and apps utilizes this information in a game to provide real time brushing interaction and fun for kids when brushing.  Kids brush the right way every time, reaching all four quadrants of the mouth, 2 minutes, twice a day and get points in the app when done right.

Detailed Brushing Tracking for Parents and Dentists

  • Kids can track their high scores and work to beat them
  • Parents can track children's brushing and reward them for proper brushing.
  • Detailed brushing data is uploaded to the cloud for tracking and diagnosis by dentists

Grush Brush

  • Sonic toothbrush with ultimate cleaning effectiviness featuring safe and gentle brushing for kids.
  • DuPont Soft Bristle Nylong Brush Heads
  • 25,000 strokes per minute: Removes more plaque
  • IPX-6 Waterproof

Grush Games

  • Brush and Play: Multiple fun and interactive games for different age groups
  • Interactive mobile games that run on Android and iOS devices
  • Games guide children through the brushing process, to brush every surface of every tooth
  • Grush Games provide a score or "Grush Factor" on brushing quality
  • Precicely track brushing results for every tooth and develop healthy brushing habits that last a lifetime.

Designed by Parents and Dentists

Grush was designed by parents and dentists for our own families, with the mission of bringing healthy brushing habits to ALL families.      "For the first time in History, dentists can finally see how our patients are doing in between visits"                            -Dr.Anubha Sacheti ,DMD Detailed brushing data is uploaded to the cloud for tracking and diagnosis by dentists.    


1-year warranty 

Know you are covered with Grush because it comes with a great 1-year warranty against defects.  

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  • MAKE BRUSHING FUN: Game Controlling Smart Kids Toothbrush connects with mobile games that guide brushing
  • TOOTH-to-TOOTH NAVIGATION TECHNOLOGY: Grush tracks the EXACT location of the brush within the mouth
  • PARENTAL TRACKING FEATURE: Track children's scores, select the date and see accurate brushing scores for every surface of every tooth
  • LIFETIME DATA TRACKING: Sync Brushing Scores with Grush Dental Cloud Feature